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MapRight gives anyone the ability to create and share beautiful, interactive maps that utilize the most current GIS technology and data.

Since 2014, Half a Million MapRight Maps Have Been Created in MapRight

Geographic information systems (GIS) are amazing tools with innumerable applications across industries including agriculture, forestry, government, engineering, land surveying, energy (especially renewables), real estate and many more. Unfortunately, for many decades, unless you were a trained GIS professional, utilizing these systems was costly and time consuming. MapRight has finally given everyone a land mapping software that utilizes the richest GIS data available and makes it accessible for everyone. If the 500,000 maps already created in MapRight are any indication, people are loving what our mapping solution can do for them and their business, and we bet you’ll love it too.

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Make Maps On the Go With Our iOS and Android Apps

With MapRight, you can take the power of our land mapping software with you wherever you go. Our iOS and Android app retains all of the functionality and versatility of our web app with all the ease-of-use of your smartphone. Choose from five base layers and our many MapRight layers, see what type of soil you’re standing on, locate floodplains and research neighboring parcels. Unique to our mobile app, you’re able to track your location and movement throughout a property and save the tour to your map, take photos and attach them to your location, save maps for use offline, get driving directions to specific points and more. The vast capabilities of MapRight don’t need to stay with your desktop. Our mobile GIS app is always here when you need it!

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Map Annotations

Build maps that don’t just display real estate, but help viewers truly understand every aspect of a property.

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GIS Layers

We consolidate data sources, allowing you to combine and organize different types of data into a single, interactive map.

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Soil Surveys

In a matter of seconds, have a user-friendly, easy-to-comprehend, beautiful soil report included with any of your maps.

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Deed Plotting

It only takes minutes to plot out the degrees and distance calls of each boundary for a property in MapRight.

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Parcel Data

MapRight is your one-stop shop for all of your parcel mapping needs. We have the most extensive, accurate dataset available.

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Mobile App

Our iOS and Android app retains all of the functionality of our web app with all the ease-of-use of your smartphone.

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To help your clients explore and learn about your properties, we have several sharing options available for you.

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Database Builder

MapRight’s mapping software tracks key data points you find valuable and helps you make smarter decisions with your land.

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Postcard Store

Create and export mailing lists utilizing our parcel data, create or upload your postcard design and MapRight handles the rest.

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