MapRight Announces the Release of New Airports Layer

Dallas, TX — August 17, 2021 — MapRight is excited to announce the release of our new Airports Layer. With this feature, our users can view accurate airport locations instantly. 

The new layer covers all official, operational aerodromes located in the United States and US territories. To make it as intuitive as possible, airports on MapRight are color-coded, distinguishing them by type: Aerodrome, Heliport, Seaport, Glider Port, Ultra Light, or Balloon Port.

“Airports are not only essential to travel, but they also play a significant role in the broader economic health of a community,” says managing partner at MapRight, Steve Roberson. “Airports are hubs for businesses and tourism, they facilitate trade, and they drastically cut down the time it takes to provide emergency health services. All in all, the knowledge and insights this new feature can provide for our subscribers will be instrumental.”

The dataset supporting the new layer comes from the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD) published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The geospatial data, however, comes from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) National Airspace System Resource Aeronautical Data Product. Both sources, the BTS and the FAA, are segments of the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).

About the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) is the preeminent source of statistics on commercial aviation, providing context to decision-makers and the public for understanding statistics on transportation. BTS assures the credibility of its products and services through rigorous analysis, transparent data quality, and independence from political influence. The Bureau’s National Transportation Library (NTL) is the home for research publications from throughout the transportation community; it’s the transportation information helpline for Congress, researchers, and the public.

About The Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration’s continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. They regulate all of the nation’s civil aviation activities, including management of air traffic in U.S. airspace. Every day, the FAA safely manages more than 50,000 U.S. commercial and general aviation flights.

About MapRight

Building on several decades of education and experience working with GIS, MapRight was founded in 2014 to help companies and individuals gain a better understanding of properties and land features and be able to more intuitively communicate them with others. MapRight offers nine different GIS base layers and nearly two dozen MapRight layers, countless styling and customization options, and several easy ways to share your maps. A 7-day free trial helps users get started on the web app and companion mobile app. If you’re looking for an even more affordable and compact map making experience, check out MapRight’s standalone mobile app, MapRight Lite.

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