“As appraisers, it’s imperative we have strong mapping software…”

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was written by Jake Minton, certified appraiser, ARA, of AgHeritage Farm Credit Services – Arkansas)

I first learned about MapRight at a trade show and was immediately intrigued by their product. As appraisers, it’s imperative we have strong mapping software for all kinds of topographical assistance.

Not only does MapRight offer everything we need, but they set the bar in customer service. We have been heavily involved with MapRight since 2018 and are extremely happy not only with their product, but also with their consistent, reachable, user-friendly customer service.

Our issue had always been getting sales data onto one, digitized scrolling map – and MapRight solved that. No matter the size of the map, we’re able to use current data and layer with accessible additional data to be available to anyone who needs it at any given time.

Additionally, their app interfaces with their web-based program, allowing ease to go into the field; upload maps from the field and save time like never before. MapRight provides a living, organic mapping system that allows us to continue adding every step of the way.

MapRight is tremendous because not only is it an exceptional mapping tool, but it’s also extremely easy to learn. One specific example of the learnability is the fact that our summer intern was able to learn the process very quickly, and was able to add four years of sales data to a scrolling map over a relatively short period.

Above everything, I have to go back to their customer service. Not only is there comfort in knowing you’re going to reach the top people when you call, MapRight also makes their customers part of the team by asking for their input. They listen and they incorporate suggestions into new product launches.

MapRight is truly the best organizational tool I have found for mapping. The ability to personalize your own dashboard with folders and subfolders ensure that not only are the maps easy to create, but (and just as importantly) they will be easy to find and reference in the future.

MapRight is exactly who we had been looking for, and I recommend them to anyone in the land business.

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