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Get all the private property information you need on your mobile device.

  • Private Property Info
  • 20+ Map Layers
  • Property Boundaries
  • Save waypoints
  • Driving Directions
  • Mobile Only
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Everything in Discover, plus the ability to create & share custom maps.

  • 3 Custom Maps
  • Create Maps
  • Private Property Info
  • 20+ Map Layers
  • Property Boundaries
  • Mobile Offline Map Creation
  • Custom Data Base Creation
  • High Resolution Print Maps
  • Map Sharing
  • Mobile & Desktop
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Pro Unlimited

Create & save as many maps as you want for one low price.

  • Unlimited Custom Maps
  • Create Maps
  • Private Property Info
  • 20+ Map Layers
  • Property Boundaries
  • Mobile Offline Map Creation
  • Multiple User Support
  • Custom Data Base Creation
  • High Resolution Print Maps
  • Map Sharing
  • Centralized Billing
  • Mobile & Desktop
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Enterprise Plans

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Pro Unlimited

Plan Features
Mobile App Access
Driving Directions
Private Property Info
Property Details
All 50 States
Property Boundaries
Web Map Creation Access
Full Map Creation Capabilities
3 Maps Unlimited
Unlimited Map Sharing
Publish to The Web
Multiple User Support
Centralized Billing
Map Creation Features
GIS Layers
Customer Support
Map Annotations
Georeferencing Tool
High Resolution Print Capabilities
Custom Services
360˚ Panoramas
Unlimited Photo Uploads & Map Points
40 + Unique Markers
Custom Lines & Polygon Drawing Tools
Document Attachments
Database Creation
Direct Marketing Downloads
Text Labeling
Soil Reports
Deed Plotting
Publish to Web
Postcard Store
Unlimited Video Map Points
Unlimited Photo Map Points
Automatic Photo Processing
Matterport integration
3D Maps

All Plans Include

Parcel Info
Current Owner
Tax Record
Structure Description
Loan & Mortgage
Public Property Info
Sales Price/Sales Date
Property Value
Plus More Coming Soon
Maps & Overlays
4 High Res Aerial Maps
Modern & Vintage USGS Topo
Infrared Aerial
Summits & Gaps
Private & Public Parcel Info
Federal & State Lands
Conservation Easements
Well Location*
Contour Lines
City Limits
School Districts
County Lines
Water Features
Wet Lands
Soil Layer
Soil Layer
Water Districts
FEMA Floodplain
FEMA Panels & LOMRs
Land Use
Railroad Lines w/Names
PLSS & Abstracts
Transmission Lines
Wind Farms
Solar Farms
Zip Code Tabulation Areas
*Where coverage is available

We’ll Also Manage Your Maps For You

At MapRight, our goal is to create the best and easiest to use mapping software on the market, both in terms of affordability and functionality. However, we know that sometimes a big, complex map can get away from you.

Whenever you’ve taken a map as far as your expertise can take it, our GIS professionals are ready and on demand to pick up where you left off. You control their workload and budget to ensure a project doesn’t become too expensive.

Since custom services are billed hourly, it’s an affordable option for both small and large companies. Whether you’ve hit a roadblock and need some assistance or you need a professional grade map produced, MapRight’s experienced GIS team is available on demand. Contact us for pricing and to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make our mapping software as simple and accessible as possible, but it’s understandable if you still have some questions. Below, we’ve collected some of the questions customers are most likely to ask us. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in these answers, feel free to reach out. Our GIS experts are ready to assist however we can!

Our free trial is simple: for 7 days you are able to create and share your maps. No credit card is required during this 7-day period.

Currently, we only accept credit cards that are charged on a recurring monthly basis.

After your trial ends, you will no longer be able to access your stored maps. We will store these for you for a brief time while you convert your trial to a paid account.

You will no longer have access to your stored maps. You can still play around with our mapping service but you will not be able to store any maps.

That’s when you contact us. We’ve got a great team of GIS pros on the other end of the customer support line. In most cases, we can walk you through how to make the changes or use the tools you need to complete your map. Occasionally, for more complex needs, we’ll have one of our experts fill in your map for you.

Got a question? Reach out to us at We are available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

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