Digitize Your Farm or Ranch in Under Three Minutes

Whether you own or manage agricultural land – or both – you need a modern, easy-to-use ag mapping solution that allows you to spatially analyze and manage the logistics of your farming or ranching activities. On a single property there could be dozens of fields and pastures, numerous water troughs, wells and other water sources, an intricate irrigation system, designated areas for hunting and other recreational activities and a network of roads and trails. MapRight gives you an interface to visually communicate the lay of the land to everybody and better manage your resources. Manage crop locations or grazing rotations, label important features such as barns, roads or water sources, embed photos and videos and share your maps with anyone in seconds. With such robust functionality, there’s no limit to the ways you can harness MapRight for agricultural management.

Inventory Everything With Our Database Builder

Your maps can be more than simply a geospatial tool. On any MapRight map, you have the ability to build out custom proprietary geographic databases. This allows you to visualize and track custom data points that can inform your agricultural activities. Our database builder can be used for any kind of data set: timber stands, hunting blinds, equipment and infrastructure, land usage, water management and more. You determine the feature groups, the items included and the details tracked about each item, so use cases can be as unique as your circumstances. Our database builder isn’t just a tool for advanced GIS professionals, anyone can manage their property with MapRight.

Our Mobile App Lets You Take MapRight Anywhere

It always seems like you need your mapping tools most when you’re out working on your property. With MapRight, you finally have an ag mapping tool that can go where you go, whether you have cell service or not. Our mobile app retains all of the functionality and versatility of our web app, but with more portability. We also have a few features unique to our mobile app. Track your location and movement throughout a property and save the tour to your map, take photos and attach them to your location, save maps for use offline, get driving directions to specific points and more. The vast capabilities of MapRight don’t need to stay with your desktop. Our mobile GIS app will always be at your fingertips.

Visualize and Manage Every Aspect of Your Property

There are a lot of aspects to consider when managing your farm or ranch land. You need to know what activities your soil can handle; you need to keep track of crop locations or grazing rotations; you may even need to share photos of and videos of the work done on your land. You have a lot of data and information to maintain, and you need an ag mapping tool that will allow you to organize and articulate it all in one place. MapRight gives you a clearer, more concise way to communicate everything from the location of deer feeders to water pipelines on a single, interactive map you can share with anyone. Whether you share via email, mobile device or a high-resolution print map, MapRight gives viewers a more natural, intuitive way to learn about your land.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With eight different GIS base layers, nearly two dozen MapRight layers and countless styling and customization options, your MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as your needs require. No matter what they look like though, we guarantee your maps will always be as easy to read as they are to share. If you want to see what MapRight is capable of, just take a look below at one of the 2.5 million maps that have already been created on our platform.