MapRight Helps Local Gov Map Their Communities

Whether you’re involved in planning and economic development, parks and recreation, utilities and infrastructure management or city management, GIS tools have the ability to streamline operations and enhance services by saving precious time, money and resources. A land plotting software like MapRight has applications across different agencies and offices. In a matter of minutes, you can map land features including floodplains, soils and wetlands, and our database builder allows you to record and track assets across your community and make more informed decisions. When you’re done creating your interactive maps, you have several options to share them with other councilmembers, departments or even the public by embedding them online. MapRight takes minutes to learn and doesn’t require a big budget, making it the best GIS solution for small government.

Track Important Data Right On Your Maps

Your maps can be more than simply a geospatial tool. On any MapRight map, you have the ability to build out custom proprietary geographic databases. This allows you to visualize and track custom data points that can inform your decisions. Our database builder can be used for any kind of data set: different kinds of businesses, land usage zoning, equipment and infrastructure, resource management and more. You determine the feature groups, the items included and the details tracked about each item. Use cases can be as unique as your circumstances. Our database builder isn’t just a tool for advanced GIS professionals, anyone can take full advantage of this tool in MapRight.

Help Others See Their Community in New Ways

As versatile as interactive maps are in MapRight, it doesn’t mean much if you can’t share them. To help you deliver this valuable analytical tool, we have several sharing options available for you. You can embed interactive maps on a webpage, you can export maps as PDFs and you can share them via email or other messaging services. Mobile sharing even allows others to view your maps in the MapRight mobile app without a subscription. And don’t worry, when you edit your maps in MapRight, they automatically update everywhere else. Sharing maps has never been easier.

Make it Easy on Yourself to Manage All Your Assets

Local government has a lot of moving parts to consider: land records, public works, emergency management, planning and development, elections, health and human services and much more. With so much information to maintain, you need a land plotting software that will allow you to organize and articulate it all in one place. MapRight gives you a clearer, more concise way to communicate everything from hiking and biking trails to floodplains on a single, interactive map you can share with anyone. MapRight gives viewers a more natural, intuitive way to explore and learn about their communities.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With eight different GIS base layers, nearly two dozen MapRight layers and countless styling and customization options, your MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as your needs require. No matter what they look like though, we guarantee your maps will always be as easy to read as they are to share. If you want to see what MapRight is capable of, just take a look below at one of the 2.5 million maps that have already been created on our platform.