Map Your Timber Stand in Minutes

Foresters are responsible for establishing, managing, using, sustaining and conserving forests, trees and associated resources. In recent years, technology has helped those in forestry meet the economic and environmental needs of your land. For you to harvest timber appropriately, you need to record and closely analyze important data on your timber stand including location, species, size, age, health, total tree growth and mortality and many more data points. A tree management software such as MapRight gives you more visibility into your property and allows you to build custom geographic databases right on your maps. With an array of different map views and layers such as infrared and contour lines, you’re able to determine elevation, tree type and much more right from our web app. Discover an easier way to manage your timber stand.

Use Our Database Builder to Record Your Timber Stands Onto Any Map

Your maps need to be more than simply a geospatial tool. On any MapRight map, you have the ability to build out custom proprietary geographic databases. This allows you to visualize and track custom data points that can inform your decisions. Our database builder can be used for any kind of data set, but foresters usually find it most useful for mapping their timber stands. You determine the feature groups, the items included and the details tracked about each item. Your database can be as rich as you make it. This isn’t just a tool for advanced GIS professionals, anyone can infuse data into their maps in MapRight.

Share Every Detail of Your Property in an Interactive Map

Forestry requires careful tracking and analysis of trees on your property as well as elements such as roads, water features and boundary lines. With so much information to maintain, you need a tree management software that allows you to organize and articulate it all in one place. MapRight gives you a clearer, more concise way to communicate everything from floodplains to which roads are accessible for large trucks on a single, interactive map you can share with anyone. Our multiple maps views and customization options ensure that your map explains everything it needs to.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With eight different GIS base layers, nearly two dozen MapRight layers and countless styling and customization options, your MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as your needs require. No matter what they look like though, we guarantee your maps will always be as easy to read as they are to share. If you want to see what MapRight is capable of, just take a look below at one of the 2.5 million maps that have already been created on our platform.