Dallas Mapping Firm Eliminates Complexity; Offers Innovation and Simplicity to Nation

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DALLAS /PRNewswire/ — If you’re in the land business, you use maps. Since its founding in 2014, MapRight has become a leader in providing interactive mapping programs for users with no prior mapping experience to clients across the United States.

Pure and simple, MapRight was designed to be used by anyone with a vested interest in land, according to MapRight co-owner and partner John Willingham.

“In just five years, our many customers have depended on MapRight to deliver quality mapping that is easy to learn and adaptable to any area of the land industry,” Willingham said. “Our current customer profile is made up of land owners, farm and ranch brokers, commercial land brokers, lenders, appraisers, and forestry experts, to name a few.”

When it comes to thinking smarter, not harder, MapRight is there for anyone in the land industry.

“We believe the best solution is the simplest,” Willingham said. “From professionals in farm and ranch to commercial real estate, land developers and forestry; all have much on their plates. Mapping is essential in each arena, and we’re here to be of service by saving time and providing the quality and expertise they would expect every single time.”

MapRight is fast, allows ease in map navigation, auto-labeling, reduced redundancy and is concise for the user. Additionally, MapRight creates industry-leading land maps. The ease and ability to record essential data for comparable data sets with a click of a button make it easy for anyone in the land industry to build upon their map essentials no matter how large the map becomes.

Just this week, MapRight launched a virtual postcard store that enables its clients to create and mail custom mailers with ease.

“This is a perfect, new addition to MapRight, and specific to the needs of our customers in real estate or any other industry and our customers can create their own unique mailing lists utilizing this technology,” Willingham said.

Additionally, the cost is low-risk. MapRight allows a 7-day, free trial for interested individuals to try the product. Willingham said customers agree the system can be learned within an hour, saving future time and effort in developing state-of-the-art maps for their clients.

“As a land expert, we believe your time is valuable to do what you do best,” said co-owner and founding partner Steve Roberson. “Our business is to save time while simultaneously providing a mapping service that will put land experts at the top of their business. Call it a topographical right hand.”

Recognizing significant problems in the mapping industry, professional cartographer Steve Roberson founded MapRight in an effort to develop an easy-to-use digital toolbox so that novice and professional mappers alike can create impressive maps and map templates for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time. MapRight’s tools and layers are designed to create maps that are not only beautiful but also easy-to-read and ready to be shared with anybody. The application requires no formal training and is supported by a team of experienced mappers in Dallas. 


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You can upgrade to a  starter or unlimited plan  at any point during or after your trial.

If you have any questions please be sure to check out our tutorials on YouTube or feel free to send an email to support@mapright.com.

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