Deed Plotting

Deed Plotting Software Makes Your Job Easier By Degrees

MapRight’s Deed Plotting Software is Intuitive and Simple for Every Type of User

Making sense of legal descriptions for parcels of land used to be a boots-on-the-ground kind of job, but modern technology gives you the ability to plot deeds right from your desktop. MapRight is a powerful deed plotting software with capabilities far surpassing other, similar options on the market. Drawing out the distance and degrees of each boundary of a property is a simple process on our platform. Once you’ve created the shape based on its legal survey description, you can transpose it on top of a map and see how it fits in with surrounding properties. You can view your plot alongside parcel data, public lands or any of MapRight’s other GIS layers, as well.

In the event that you have an image from a survey, a site plan or another type of visual guide, you can layer it on top of any map with our Georeference Tool. With the ability to control opacity, you’ll be able to see through all the layers. To make sure that orientation and alignment are spot on, you’re able to pick three custom control points to affix your georeference image on top of your map. On a single MapRight map, you can even add multiple georeference images and incorporate other GIS layers and features. Use our Georeference Tool to help you plot deeds, outline lots and determine other details.

Visually Map Deed Calls

For each call, MapRight makes it easy to simply enter the distance (in whichever unit of measurement you need to use) and direction of the line. Draw shapes as simple as a square and as complex as a many-sided polygon.

Draw Curves

Property lines won’t always be straight. Sometimes they follow naturally curving features such as roads and rivers. This isn’t a problem for you in MapRight. You’re able to easily enter the chord and radius for any curve.

Georeferencing Tool

MapRight allows you to overlay a survey or site plan on top of an aerial map. Opacity controls help you see every layer. Custom control points ensure proper visual alignment. Add multiple georeference images to a map.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With eight different GIS base layers, nearly two dozen MapRight layers and countless styling and customization options, your MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as your needs require. No matter what they look like though, we guarantee your maps will always be as easy to read as they are to share. If you want to see what MapRight is capable of, just take a look below at one of the 2.5 million maps that have already been created on our platform.

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