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A Powerful Mobile GIS Application That Knows No Bounds

Keep the Swiss Army Knife of Mapping Apps in Your Back Pocket

It always seems like you need your mapping tools most when you’re out visiting properties. With MapRight, you can take the power of our property mapping software with you wherever you go. Our iOS and Android mobile GIS application retains all of the functionality and versatility of our web app: choose from five base layers and our many MapRight layers, access soil reports, locate floodplains and research neighboring parcels. We also have a few features unique to our mobile app. You’re able to track your location and movement throughout a property and save the tour to your map, take photos and attach them to your location, save maps for use offline, get driving directions to specific points and more. The vast capabilities of MapRight don’t need to stay with your desktop. Our mobile GIS application is always here when you need it!

Embed Photos

When you’re exploring a property, you have the option to take photos right from your phone and embed them at specific points on your map. This allows you to show property both spatially and in context.

Calculate Area

When you’re using the MapRight mobile app, you have the ability to draw polygons right on your map and have the area of a shape calculated. Quickly determine the size of fields or plots of land.

Location Tracking

Using MapRight’s mobile GIS application, you can track your location and route throughout a property. Gain a spatial understanding of land as you move through them, and save tours to your maps for others to see.

Work Offline

When you know you’ll be in a location with spotty cell service, MapRight allows you to save maps for use offline. All icons, boundary lines and other tools are still available. Maps edited offline will update to your account when you have service again.

Multiple Map Views

In our mobile app, you have an array of different map views at your fingertips. Choose from five different base layers and all the MapRight layers available in our web app, including soil surveys and parcel data.

Driving Directions

MapRight provides driving directions to any address or point placed on a map. Even if you’re unsure of an address, MapRight will make sure you get to the right place every time.

Drop Points

As you move around a property, MapRight gives you the ability to drop points at your location. Along with labeling these points, you can also create notes and attach photos and other data.

Share Maps

You can text or share your interactive maps right from your phone, and if you receive a MapRight map, you can even upload it into your account from your mobile device. There, you’ll be able to see every map shared with you, regardless of your plan.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With eight different GIS base layers, nearly two dozen MapRight layers and countless styling and customization options, our mobile GIS application is incredibly versatile. Your MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as your projects require. No matter what they look like though, we guarantee your maps will always be as easy to read as they are to share. If you want to see what MapRight is capable of, just take a look below at one of the 2.5 million maps that have already been created on our platform.

Build Your First Map In 3 Minutes