MapRight Lite

Get Accurate Parcel Data Wherever You Go

Introducing the Most Intuitive, Accurate & Easy-to-Use Property Line Map App

MapRight is used everyday by thousands of professionals across multiple industries to access the most current parcel data, build maps and share important information about properties across the US. In an effort to ensure our software is accessible to as many residential and commercial real estate professionals as possible, we’ve created a new standalone app, MapRight Lite. Enjoy the power and flexibility of MapRight in the palm of your hand. Using GPS, we can track your location in real time, and provide data on nearby parcels, water features, topography, school districts and more. You can also drop pins anywhere on your map, and pair them with photos or videos for added context. MapRight Lite helps you out with driving directions to any point on your map, too. This incredible tool will be your right hand man when you’re out in the field staking out properties, and at $10/month, this property line map app is affordable, too!

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On your map, drop pins anywhere you want, and keep all of your information about a property in one place. Take or upload photos or videos and attach them to pins, make notes for a property and access parcel information.

Parcel Data

With our Parcel layer, view in-depth information about any parcel of land, search all parcels by address, learn more about parcels surrounding your properties and more.

Water Features

View information on several different types of water features including water wells, floodplains, wetlands, and surface water features such as rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. In Texas, you can even view major and minor aquifers.

GPS Directions

MapRight Lite gives you directions to a specific address or point on your map. You can even couple map points with notes for added context.

School Districts

See how any property lines up with elementary, secondary and unified school districts. Always be certain the property you’re showing is in the right school district for your clients.

Public Lands

Across the US, but especially in western states, it’s important to know the boundaries for federally-owned and state-owned areas. In MapRight Lite, view public lands such as conservation easements and military bases in your area.

Map Base Layers

In MapRight Lite, you have three base layers to choose from for your map. Get a bird’s eye view of properties with an aerial view, explore elevation with a topo view, or use street view to get an idea of surrounding roads.

Here’s an Actual MapRight Map

With three different GIS base layers, ten different MapRight layers and countless customization options, the applications of GIS in real estate are endless. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, we guarantee this property line map app will streamline your activities. If you want to see what MapRight Lite is capable of, just take a look below!

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