6 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Wow Your Buyers

Regardless of the property’s price tag, every real estate agent looks to capture the attention of their target audience. That can be difficult when you’re selling luxury properties, and your audience has a net worth in the millions. While the luxury real estate market grew by nearly 15% and prices increased by 20%, according to The Report: 2022 Global Luxury Market Insights released by Coldwell Banker, the club of potential buyers for luxury properties remains exclusive. With the current boom of interest in luxury living, finding creative luxury real estate marketing ideas is vital to securing the sale. 

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When the prices range in the millions, not everyone can afford to buy a luxury ranch, beachside villa, or mountain escape. Because of this, it’s important to sweep the buyers you have off their feet. Here is a list of some of the best ways to market your properties to wow buyers.

Idea #1: Create a Website for the Property

While real estate marketplaces like Zillow and Realtor.com are suitable for providing pictures and information to the average buyer, luxury properties tend to require more than those websites can offer. Whether it’s because the property has a rich and exciting history, incredible architecture, or a design rife with symbolism, having the luxury of control over how the property is presented can be incredibly beneficial. Creating a website for the property gives you the opportunity to curate what the buyer sees when looking at your listing through your choice of high-resolution images and copy. An added benefit of the property being on its own website is that it removes the temptation of clicking away to another property. 

Idea # 2: Invest in Professional Copywriting

Writing compelling real estate copy is a skill that is difficult to master. If you are willing to invest in a professional stager to stage the home and a professional photographer to photograph the professional staging, you’ll also want to invest in a professional copywriter. Hiring a professional copywriter with expertise in real estate or luxury home marketing will help you craft an engaging narrative throughout your listing that speaks to your ideal buyer.

Idea #3: Create High-Quality Mailers

While it may seem like it belongs with the old-fashioned luxury real estate marketing ideas, investing in a direct mail strategy for your luxury property is still highly relevant today. A report released by MarketingSherpa showed that print remains the most trusted form of advertising. As part of hiring a professional copywriter, have them write compelling copy for a direct mailer. Unlike their digital counterparts, mailers have the benefit of longevity as buyers are more likely to hold on to them and view them multiple times. Partner with a printer to ensure the mailer feels and looks as opulent as the property you’re marketing to increase the odds of being noticed. 

Having a mailer that is interesting to look at and enjoyable to read is important, but ensuring that you’re targeting the right audience is just as critical. Mailing thousands of mailers to every area in the city once is similar to flipping a quarter and hoping it lands on its side. Instead, target the places you know your desired buyer is, and market to those areas frequently. 

Idea #4: Host a Unique Event on the Property

Unless this is the first time you’ve sold a luxury property, you are most likely very familiar with the vast number of unqualified lookie-loos who stop in during open houses. While this may seem rewarding during the day as traffic remains steady, when there are no offers at the end, it will feel like a day wasted. One of the most fun luxury real estate marketing ideas that many agents are using to overcome this is forgoing the traditional open house to instead host an event at the property. Whether it is a charity gala, a fundraiser, or an art show, hosting an event allows you to invite qualified people and fill the home with potential buyers.

Idea # 5: Don’t Ignore Newspapers & Magazines

In 2022, investing heavily in a digital marketing strategy for luxury properties is a given. When people think of modern luxury real estate marketing ideas, thoughts of listings on auction websites, aerial photography, and many other digital ideas are the first to come to mind. While these are excellent tools to utilize, listings can often get lost amongst other properties and not get the attention they deserve. By putting your listing in newspapers and magazines that market to your ideal buyer, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

Idea # 6: Make a Memorable Virtual Experience

While print media may be best to generate the initial interest in the property, having a robust digital presence can mean the difference between whether or not someone makes an offer. Part of that is creating an online experience for potential buyers to engage with. There are numerous ways to do this:

  • Aerial Videography: Utilizing drones allows you to provide buyers with a bird’s-eye view of the property.
  • Digital Storybooks: A well-made digital storybook creates an immersive experience for potential buyers. 
  • 3D Tour: A 3D tour that buyers can access online gives them the opportunity to get to know the property before ever setting foot inside.
  • Interactive Map: For larger luxury properties, an interactive map puts buyers in the driver’s seat.

Whether you choose one option or a combination of many, giving your ideal buyers a memorable experience will help keep your property in their minds long after they’ve shut their laptop.

What MapRight Does for Luxury Real Estate Agents

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