Insight: MapRight Makes it Easy to Master the Sales Process

Anyone who works in real estate knows it’s rarely a typical 9-5 job with weekends off. Whether you’re visiting a property, scouring the web for possible listings that match your criteria, or guiding your clients through the closing process, your to-do list is always full. Luckily, there are a few things you can do for your business that don’t take much time to complete, but will substantially improve your business’ success. 

This month we spoke with Steve Roberson, CEO and founder of MapRight, to learn how MapRight is helping real estate agents and other professionals both streamline and maximize the effectiveness of their business activities. 

Share Maps Are Your Most Effective Marketing Asset 

How many times do you think someone viewed a MapRight map online last year? You may be surprised to learn there were over 2.886 million unique share map views last year. That’s an incredible number on its own. But when you consider that each share map was viewed for an average of 5 minutes and 11 seconds, you really start to understand how much share maps can boost the impact of your listings.

To provide further context, we wanted to determine how long viewers normally spent on real estate listings. According to data from market intelligence platform Similarweb, the Average Time on Page for different real estate sites hovers around a minute or less. 

WebsiteAvg Visit Duration*Pages per Visit*Time on Page (Seconds)

*Data based on December 2022 Traffic provided by Similarweb. 

With prospective buyers spending around a minute or less on a listing, the addition of a MapRight map significantly increases the likelihood that they’ll stick around and learn more about the many unique qualities of a property. 

Of course, MapRight maps not only increase interest for buyers, they also help agents acquire new listings in the first place. 

Impress Sellers With a MapRight Map of Their Property

From the moment you get a call from a landowner looking to sell their property, you should consider MapRight as your secret weapon. As Steve explains, on average it takes 15 minutes or less to create a map of a property, learn relevant details, and draw out any improvements you believe the seller should consider. On MapRight, you can: 

  • Easily look up a parcel and find its property lines
  • Look through overlays such as water features or transmission lines
  • Run a soils report
  • Mark important features such as buildings, roads, or fencing 

Then, when you show up to the listing appointment prepared with a dynamic map of the property detailing all of the research you’ve compiled, you’ll have much more to discuss with the owner. MapRight can go anywhere you go—available even offline—allowing you to easily make updates or take photos on your smartphone or tablet as you walk the property.

By showing up to your appointment with a landowner with their property all mapped out, you’ll set yourself apart from any other agents they may be considering, increasing your odds of winning the listing—and all it takes is 15 minutes of your time. 

Set Yourself Apart With Panos

By the time you’ve acquired a listing, you should already have a MapRight map packed with important property information. As Steve previously mentioned, share maps are great for increasing engagement with your listing, but there’s even more you can do with a MapRight map that will set a listing—and your business—apart. You just need to think about what you can bring to online listings that will be unique and valuable.

One unique option is utilizing panoramic images. As Steve explains, panos are essentially “Matterport but outside”, perfect for a large, rural property with a lot to show off. To create panos on MapRight, you just need an Insta360 camera and a few minutes of your day to learn how to use it. To help you out, MapRight has even made a helpful tutorial video. Once you capture your panoramic images, it’s easy to embed them directly to your MapRight map. Panos give anyone viewing a property map a much more immersive experience, allowing them to imagine themselves there.

Including panos on property listings is a relatively easy way to differentiate your listings online. You could even brand yourself as someone who creates immersive 360 experiences on all properties you market and who knows how to catch the eye of potential buyers online. 

MapRight: Mapping Made Simple

MapRight’s goal is to make it easy for our users to get the most they can out of a mapping platform, without having to become an expert in geographic information systems (GIS). It only takes a little time for you to make a map worthy of winning you a listing, or learn a new method for capturing immersive experiences. By including an interactive, attention-grabbing map on your listings, you dramatically increase engagement and keep viewers looking at your properties longer. 

If you’ve wondered if MapRight is worth it, the numbers should make that an easy question to answer. Sign up today for a free trial and start building maps that will make a difference for your business.

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