MapRight Announces the Release of New Transmission Lines and Substations Layers

Dallas, TX — July 15, 2021 — MapRight is thrilled to announce the release of two new layers, Transmission Lines and Substations. With the addition of these new features, users can now easily view critical data on the major transmission lines and substations across the nation, and even identify the substations closest to them. 

“Substations and transmission lines are integral to the delivery of safe, reliable electricity, but locating this infrastructure is difficult without the right resources,” Managing Partner at MapRight, Steve Roberson stated. “The information these new features can provide will be invaluable for our subscribers, especially for those working in renewable energy.” 

Transmission lines are responsible for transporting electricity from generators to high-demand areas. With the new Transmission Lines Layer, subscribers won’t just be able to see the locations of transmission lines throughout the U.S., they’ll also gain specific details about those transmission lines, such as the name, the owner, the voltage, and the status. 

Substations, on the other hand, are responsible for lowering the voltage of that electricity, transforming it into a form we can use. With the addition of the Substations Layer, users can find the name, owner, status, and the minimum and maximum voltage of any substation they choose.

The data powering these layers comes from the US Energy Altas, a comprehensive reference for data and interactive maps of energy infrastructure and resources produced by the US Energy Information Administration. 

The Transmission Lines and Substations Layers are now conveniently available in the MapRight web and mobile application. Sign in to your MapRight app to give it a try!

About MapRight

Building on several decades of education and experience working with GIS, MapRight was founded in 2014 to help companies and individuals gain a better understanding of properties and land features and be able to more intuitively communicate them with others. MapRight offers nine different GIS base layers and nearly two dozen MapRight layers, countless styling and customization options, and several easy ways to share your maps. A 7-day free trial helps users get started on the web app and companion mobile app.

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