Prepare Your Land for Wildfire

In the western United States, summertime always means one thing: wildfires. And, no matter how strange 2020 has been so far, some things just don’t change. From California to Nebraska, firefighters are out in force and red flag warnings are going up. If you live or own property in a fire-prone area – and even if you don’t – you want to do all you can to protect yourself now rather than later. If you wait until you see smoke to take action, it’s likely already too late.

There are a number of things you can do now to reduce risk for your home and property. As you soak up the sun and shoot off some fireworks this summer, also be sure you’re taking these precautions.

For Your Land

The plants and greenery are part of what makes the wilderness so beautiful, but this vegetation is the perfect fuel for fires. The Texas A&M Forest Service recommends reducing the amount of vegetation on your land by trimming trees and clearing out ladder fuels such as shrubs, saplings and any dead vegetation or detritus. By doing this, you’ll create a fuel break which will slow the spread of a wildfire and give firefighters a chance to get it under control. Fuel breaks work best when placed along a natural fire break such as a road or a river.

Other methods used to manage vegetation may include grazing (which requires a herd of hungry goats or other livestock) or prescribed burning (which requires a certified burn manager to address safety risks).

For Your Home

For your home and other buildings on your property, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire damage, as well. Start with the building itself and then work out, clearing combustible debris such as dead leaves, pine needles and anything else that could become kindling. Make sure your lawn and grasses surrounding dwellings are mowed regularly, and pay special attention that the vegetation around say, propane tanks, has not become overgrown.

You can also create fuel breaks around driveways, walkways, patios, gardens or other outdoor features to reduce the access a wildfire will have to your home. And, don’t forget to trim your trees!

To learn more about what exactly your property and home needs to be ready, talk to a local forestry or fire professional.
Create Fire Resistant Land
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