Get your maps the same day you sign up. All plans come with a free 7-day trial.


*Parcel info is the ONLY MapRight feature that has an additional cost. All other features are included in your base subscription.


How does the free trial work?

Our free trial is simple: for 7 days you are able to create and share your maps. No credit card is required during this 7-day period.

What are the payment options?

Currently, we only accept credit cards that are charged on a recurring monthly basis.

What happens after my trial ends?

After your trial ends, you will no longer be able to access your stored maps. We will store these for you for a brief time while you convert your trial to a paid account.

What happens after I cancel a paid account?

You will no longer have access to your stored maps. You can still play around with our mapping service but you will not be able to store any maps.

Why do Parcels cost more?

The only feature not included in our Unlimited plan is state parcels. We’ve added an Unlimited + Parcels option at $47.00/month that takes care of this. To get parcels for MapRight maps, we pay a service that provides us with all the information. The price of the Unlimited + Parcels package helps offset this cost. Note that our street layer view also shows all available parcel lines at no additional cost.

For questions and details about your state’s parcel coverage, email us at

What happens if I need additional help with my map?

That’s when you contact us. We’ve got a great team of GIS pros on the other end of the customer support line. In most cases, we can walk you through how to make the changes or use the tools you need to complete your map. Occasionally, for more complex needs, we’ll have one of our experts fill in your map for you.

Have additional questions before signing up?

Got a question? Reach out to us at We are available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.


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