Using Map Layers to Make Better Real Estate Maps

MapRight is a custom mapping platform that makes it unbelievably easy to produce industry-specific, professional-quality maps. It’s great for land owners and managers, oil and gas drill site managers, and land brokers and agents.

Farm and Ranch professionals have really figured out how to make MapRight their own, because it simplifies their work, boosts their credibility with clients and saves them a ton of time. This is partly due to the fact that, on average, you can make a detailed map in half the time it would normally take, and the MapRight template looks twice as good as other industry maps.

But it’s also due in large part to the unique combination of specialty layers that are available with MapRight maps.


How Map Layers Work

MapRight’s property maps include three standard background layers, and eight fantastic, time-saving, custom layers. And, there’s no software installation or map downloading. Every map is created and saved online using our pre-loaded toolkit. A few clicks and you’re good to go.

Interactive Background Layers:

  • Google or Bing-based aerial imagery
  • USGS topographic map with hillshade
  • Street map

MapRight Custom Layers:

  • National FEMA Floodplain: 100-year and 500-year DFIRM floodplains
  • National NHD Hydro: Surface water features
  • Abstracts: Original Texas Land Survey
  • PLSS: Public Land Survey System (section, township, range)
  • Fed/State Lands: Federally-owned and state-owned areas
  • FSA (CLU): Field boundaries with acreage
  • National Parcel Boundaries: With ownership information
  • National Soils: SSURGO soils with capability indexes


All property maps are printable, and they’re easy to share online. You can email them, embed them on your website or access them through the MapRight mobile iPad app. When you share a map, you can choose which layers are or are not visible to viewers.

What a shared map looks like on the MapRight iPad app.


What MapRight Layers Mean for Realty Professionals

Because MapRight layers are accurate, easy to use and good-looking, they offer land brokers and realtors several competitive advantages in making real estate maps.

Those advantages are outlined in our free ebook, available for download here. It takes less than a minute to get the ebook, and you’ll find out how MapRight customers in the realty business are saving time and increasing referrals by using our map layers.

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